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Our Story... WHY would we leave Paradise Rock?

It really is paradise... so why leave? Jobs. Our jobs are taking us to the west coast. 

We have owned the cottage for four years and loved every minute of it. We have spent Christmas morning there (decorated a tree with natural decor out back), and long weekends, and celebrated a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner cooked on the fire. We have kayaked from end to end, windsurfed from side to side, fished in winter and summer, and read so, so many books. 

We don't hunt, but many on the lake do and were always up for teaching or sharing their stories with us. 

The lake community has grown with us the last four years, with officially registering the road as a road association so the members are covered by insurance and there are some funds available for road maintenance. And twice a year the road group gets together to do a little cleanup and mostly for a potluck and some socializing. Last year there was even a photography contest - of which we took two of the prizes. We attribute that to our high vantage point on the lake - great views make great photos. 

We are very sad to see our cottage go, but we really hope you love it and make as many memories there as we did! 

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